This Blue World

WaterfallAll work and no play makes for a very dull SLife!

Actually, all play and no work makes for a very dull SLife in my opinion, too!

After successfully completing a new project – a logo redesign for one of SL’s longest-running events – a day at the beach was much needed, and it presented the perfect opportunity to blog (and to share with you) this super cute bikini that is currently available at L’Amitie Summer Market. It’s made by Blacklace and comes in mesh and texture versions, with Wowmeh and Lola appliers, AND includes a pair of matching flip flops. Awesome, right?!

The pose I am using is from EverGlow, and you should also know they are currently having a 50% OFF STOREWIDE SALE! It was hard to pick one as they are all so natural and smooth. There’s no info on when the sale might end, so head on over as soon as you can.


Hair: Exile – Beyond the Waves in Rio

Skin: Essences – Emma in Noisette

Bikini: Blacklace – Charlie Bikini in Red Kisses {available at L’Amitie Summer Market}

Hands & Feet: SLink

Nails: Flair – Set 38

Pose: EverGlow – Model 358

What a Lovely Way to Burn


Yesterday, I was out of sorts. I couldn’t settle on anything to wear, and wasted hours trying this and that to no avail.

When I checked out Fi*Fridays and saw this dress, I thought, “Hey, I think I can work with that,” and so this look, after all that trouble, came together pretty effortlessly. The steal-of-a-deal REIGN sandals in the Saturday Sale were the cherry on top. Hopefully I’ll be able to wear it for a day or 2 before feeling the need to change again!


Hair: Exile – West Coast

Headband: Fox.Poison – No. 3 Golden

Skin: Essences – Emma in Noisette

Dress: – Bens Boutique – Mini Belted Dress in Black {at Fi*Fridays}

Cuff: Erratic – Cuff in Gold

Shoes: REIGN – Empress Sandals in Black

Pose: BENT. – Crossed 1

Mama’s Got a Sweet Tooth Tonight!

Sweet Tooth

Second Life is full of wonderful surprises, and the Donut Festival at Atelier Kreslo – going on now until July 27th – is no exception. More than 40 unique and truly tantalizing donuts have been created by some of your favorite designers. The detail and creativity itself is worth the trip. While there were so many to choose from, I couldn’t resist a chocolate one with sprinkles!

So head on over! Take a reprieve from your traditional shopping frenzy for something cute and tasty! You won’t regret it (and neither will your waistline)!


Hair: Magika – Daffodil

Skin: Essences – Emma in Noisette

Glasses: bitch. – MESH BC Frames {one of the first mesh items, made by Maxwell Graf}

Dress: ISON – Embossed Sweatshirt in White

Hands & Feet: SLink

Donut: Zen Zarco’s I <3 Donut {available at the Donut Festival}

Pose: Purple Poses – Brigite 04

Location: Vespertine

And Chicken Little said, “The Sky is Falling”

Vix Thibedeau and Chicken Little: A Tale One day Chicken Little was walking in the woods when — KERPLUNK — an acorn fell on her head.

“Oh my goodness!” said Chicken Little. “The sky is falling! I must go and tell the king.”

On her way to the king’s palace, Chicken Little met Henny Penny. Henny Penny said that she was going into the woods to hunt for worms.

“Oh no, don’t go!” said Chicken Little. “I was there and the sky fell on my head! Come with me to tell the king.” So Henny Penny joined Chicken Little and they went along and went along, as fast as they could. Soon they met Cocky Locky, who said, “I’m going to the woods to hunt for seeds.”

“Oh no, don’t go!” said Henny Penny. “The sky is falling there! Come with us to tell the king.” So Cocky Locky joined Henny Penny and Chicken Little, and they went along and went along, as fast as they could. Soon they met Turkey Lurkey, who was planning to go to the woods to look for berries.

“Oh no, don’t go!” said Cocky Locky. “The sky is falling there! Come with us to tell the king.” So Turkey Lurkey joined Cocky Locky, Henny Penny and Chicken Little, and they went along as fast as they could. Then who should appear on the path but sly old Foxy Woxy.

“Where are you going, my fine feathered friends?” asked Foxy Woxy. He spoke in a polite manner, so as not to frighten them.

“The sky is falling!” cried Chicken Little. “We must tell the king.”

“I know a shortcut to the palace,” said Foxy Woxy sweetly. “Come and follow me.”

But wicked Foxy Woxy did not lead the others to the palace. He led them right up to the entrance of his foxhole. Once they were inside, Foxy Woxy was planning to gobble them up!

Just as Chicken Little and the others were about to go into the fox’s hole, they heard a strange sound and stopped. It was the king’s hunting dogs, growling and howling. How Foxy Woxy ran, across the meadows and through the forests, with the hounds close behind. He ran until he was far, far away and never dared to come back again.

After that day, Chicken Little always carried an umbrella with her when she walked in the woods. The umbrella was a present from the king. And if — KERPLUNK — an acorn fell, Chicken Little didn’t mind a bit. In fact, she didn’t notice it at all.

(Source: By Merri Beth Stephens)


Hair: Magika – Unknown

Skin: Essences – Emma in Noisette

Necklace: Anchor & Co. – Choker Floral {available at Project Limited}

Shirt: Maitreya – Half-Tucked Shirt in Paloma

Pants: Maitreya – Leather Skinny Pants in Black

Skybox: Apple Fall – Paris Loft Skybox RARE {available at The Arcade}

Loveseat: floorplan – Sailor’s Ottoman in Gold (tinted)

Book: Apple Fall – Sketchbook {available at The Arcade}

Rug: Scarlet Apple – My Chevron Scrunchy Rug