Mama’s Got a Sweet Tooth Tonight!

Sweet Tooth

Second Life is full of wonderful surprises, and the Donut Festival at Atelier Kreslo – going on now until July 27th – is no exception. More than 40 unique and truly tantalizing donuts have been created by some of your favorite designers. The detail and creativity itself is worth the trip. While there were so many to choose from, I couldn’t resist a chocolate one with sprinkles!

So head on over! Take a reprieve from your traditional shopping frenzy for something cute and tasty! You won’t regret it (and neither will your waistline)!


Hair: Magika – Daffodil

Skin: Essences – Emma in Noisette

Glasses: bitch. – MESH BC Frames {one of the first mesh items, made by Maxwell Graf}

Dress: ISON – Embossed Sweatshirt in White

Hands & Feet: SLink

Donut: Zen Zarco’s I <3 Donut {available at the Donut Festival}

Pose: Purple Poses – Brigite 04

Location: Vespertine

Learning How to “Be”


Life is full of expectations, of what we want to achieve, what we hope to gain, how we feel something will play out. Despite how hard we work or how well we prepare, nothing is guaranteed. Some expectations may come to fruition, and others will be laid to waste, with no pre-indication.

We attempt to label and define our lives, believing that doing so will provide some sort of security against the unexpected. People marry and become “spouses” to cement their relationship, students earn degrees and become “college graduates” to secure their futures – yet spouses still divorce, and college graduates still end up working in fast food joints.

We’re so busy worrying about achieving what we want, and then securing what we’ve achieved, that we often forget to relish the present.

What would happen if we were to just “be” whatever we are right now. Not have a goal in which we pressure ourselves to reach; not apply labels, rules and restrictions to various aspects of our lives. If we were to take a more mindful, even yogic approach, what would be the worst that could happen?

I’m willing to give it a try. How about you?


Hair: Liquence – F8 in Natural Fades

Jewelry: ISON – Safari Tribe Set in Gold {available at Collabor88}

Skin: Essences – Emma in Noisette

Outfit: Tres Blah – Khaki Blouse and Shorts {available at Collabor88}

Shoes: Hucci – Hampstead Sandal in Mud {available at Collabor88}

Pose: Magnifique