Vix WHO?

Hi there! My name is Vixen Thibedeau, but you can call me Vix. I have been a resident of Second Life since January 2008.

A lot of you may know me as the creator of – SL’s premier sales and events blog.

After 2 and a half years of running Seraphim, the birth of my first child led me to give it up and take a reprieve from SL. After a 5-month break, I have returned to SL to see what new adventures await. After all, even mommies needs ME time sometimes!

I have started a new cooperative blog with 3 of my besties: Lashae Karsin, DanicaSaerwen and Liane Boomhauer. I’d love it you stopped by for a gander at Lipstick, Lemon Drops & Love. See ya there!

Vix Upright


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