Vix Does a Meme

Vix 051513 Atcha JPG

Oh lordy, what’s going on here! Not only is Vix doing a post, she’s doing a meme! Will wonders never cease!

I know, I’m in a way out-of-the-norm mood today, so this is what happens. ☺ I decided after a million years in SL time to do a blog post on my personal blog, and Dani came up with the perfect idea – to do Strawberry Singh’s latest meme! So here it is!

My SL Guilty Pleasures

1. Dressing like a hoochie. Yeah, I run Seraphim and I should probably be all lady-like/business-like, and sometimes I am. But sometimes I love to dress with the shortest and tightest skirt possible with my boobs nearly spilling out, with a killer pair of stilettos to top it off, hehe. No matter what though, I always try to mix sexy and classy regardless of my look.

2. I’m a prim whore. I love to decorate an SL home and go out the whazoo with landscaping. One time my SL bestie let me live on her land and gave me like 1500 prims or something, and don’t you believe I used! I couldn’t hardly walk from the lag and couldn’t even rez boxes to unpack them, but I’ll be damned if it wasn’t gorgeous!

3. I don’t change my clothes every day. Don’t get too close! My virtual underarms might be pretty rank, because I lack either the time or the will to change my clothes on a daily basis in SL!

4. I’m a devil for the details. As part of my RL work, I get paid to find mistakes as an editor, and when I see a boo-boo, whether by someone else or of my own, it glares at me like a bright neon sign, taunting me. If it’s on Seraphim, I’ll usually go and fix it myself, even if it’s not on a post of mine, and not say anything. Just because I’m that anal doesn’t mean I expect everyone else to be! hehe

And last but not least…

5. Observing Seraphim readers. Doing a post for Seraphim – taking meticulous notes and good, centered photos, writing the post and all that that entails – is a heck of a lot of work, and yet Seraphim bloggers do it again and again, day after day. It’s very rewarding work, though, and for me, there is no greater way to witness it than this:

After I complete a post, sometimes I will stay at the store/event involved, a bit off to the side so I don’t get trampled, and then I send the group notice and stand there and watch all the people teleport in! Sometimes it’s like moths to a flame, there are so many! And it makes me really happy to see that what we do makes such a difference for so many!

Note: I’m being lazy today and am not currently logged into SL so I’ll have to do my credits tomorrow! : P

4 thoughts on “Vix Does a Meme

  1. I include Seraphim in my “most thankful for” list every day! It’s one of the default tabs on my browser, so I never forget to check what’s going on! Thanks for the work you and the bloggers do. I’m constantly amazed at the time it must take to cover so many events, and I’m eternally grateful that you all have such passion for it!

    • Thank you so much, peep! It definitely takes a special kind of person to even want to blog with us, and I am thankful every day for the wonderful team I have. Seraphim would be nothing if not for them, and it’s great to know their hard work and dedication is so appreciated! <3


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