SL Designer’s Remix

SL Designer's Remix

Read on for information about the homes pictured above!

Looking for something to fill the void left in your weekend by the absence of Designer’s Challenge and Spruce Up Your Space, well this is it!

SL DESIGNER’S REMIXis yet another “why didn’t we think of that” shopping event. Pitsch Parx, the man behind the curtain at UrbanizeD, founded this concept that brings furniture, decor and garden designers together with home builders in a new way.

Have you ever wandered into a prefab and wondered how you would decorate it, what would fit where, or how others would go about decorating it? Well, that’s exactly what has been done on the Remix sims. Ten prefab designers have rezzed their new or debut homes and 10 furniture designers have added their own individual flair and decorated the houses with their own furniture. In addition, 10 artists have also sprinkled their art on the walls of each home.

The homes featured above, starting in the left-hand corner and going clockwise, are:

HomeKraft – Gulf Breeze, 2,125L (discounted price) 50% OFF THROUGH JULY 4TH!
L2 Studio – The Zapallar House, 350L
L&K Prefabs – Greenhouse, 149L
Designer Prims – Urban Grunge Warehouse, 1,999L
Coeur – Maison S.S. Momo, 2000L
Interior Addiction – Home Sweet Houseboat, 800L

This is merely a sampling of the variety you will find there. The sims aren’t laggy and are laid out extremely well, so that you don’t miss any of the builds as you meander around. This collection will be available through August 26th and will then change for a new season. There is something here for everyone so go check out this new and fabulous collection today!

Designer’s Remix 1

Designer’s Remix 2


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