I Like It, I Love It, I Want So’More of It: Kari Komrad HUD

Kari Photo Contest

Today I’d like to introduce you guys to a product that I am in love with that you may not have heard about, or even if you have, you may not know what it does. It’s called the Kari Komrad HUD and is the latest and greatest creation from Menno Ophelia.

But what does it do? The Kari Komrad HUD is a photography HUD based on the idea of medium format film photography (square photography). When you wear the HUD, it creates an “overlay” that is captured once the picture is taken (according to instructions). You can choose among a variety of frames (Polaroid, 35mm, etc.), effects (scratches, lightrays, etc.) and color additions. In the photo above, I used the Polaroid – Coffee frame with Dust effect and orange color overlay.

While this product is suggested primarily for shots you will save to your SL inventory, you can also use it to save the image to your computer as well. You will just need to be able to “trim” the HUD image from the picture using basic computer photo editing software. (I own a Mac and just do it in Pages, snippy snap.) (See my Flickr for an example of a picture saved to my computer before trimming.)

The product costs only $500L and offers so much variety for those of us out there who love taking pictures. It’s easy to use and fun as well! To see more examples of what this HUD can do, check out the pictures on Flickr, read more about it on the Kari website, watch the YouTube video or check it out in-world!



YouTube Demonstration Video

Kari In-World


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